From storage and security to fire risk and transit, underwriting private collections is an art in itself. At Facet we understand not only the value of the art we insure, but also the different risks that are encountered with the storage, display and transport of collections as well as restoration, conservation, appraisal and risk management.

We offer flexible coverage and premiums that accurately reflect risk and reality, not the vagaries of the insurance market.

The types of risks we cover include:

  • Fine Art & Antique collections
  • Personal jewellery collections
  • Gun collections (excluding liability)
  • Camera collections (personal not commercial)
  • Stamp and coin collections
  • Sports, film and music memorabilia and miscellaneous collections of any description
  • Classic car collections (static risk only)
  • Musical instrument collections


Curating and caring for a museum collection is an honour, and a huge responsibility. We understand the complexities of storage, display, transport and security of collections which dominate curators’ working lives, and offer coverage that brings peace of mind.


By helping dealers to manage the risks inherent in their trade, we enable them to focus all their attention on buying and selling, rather than the pitfalls of their chosen speciality.

The types of risks we cover include:

  • Fine Art & Antique dealers
  • Stamps & coin dealers
  • Fine Art auction houses
  • Musical instrument dealers
  • Conservators & restorers